Al Boom Marine is proud to be the official distributor of Mercury, Mercruiser and Mariner engines and spare parts in the territory, offering up to five years warranty on new engines.

    New Mercury V6, 3.4L 175, 200 and 225 Four-strokes


    The world’s most reliable and sophisticated Four Stroke propulsion system

    Verado outboards are creating a whole new set of standards for performance. No matter how yo
    u define it. Low noise and vibration? Check. Lower fuel consumption? Check. Supercharged power and torque? Check.

     The Verado® Driving Experience, Nothing compares to the quiet, effortless operation of Verado. SmartCraft® Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) for ultra-smooth shifting and instantaneous throttle response. Electro-hydraulic, automotive-style power steering that provides precision handling. Joystick Piloting that puts you in command of your vessel like never before. Verado pairs power with refinement.

    High Durability. Low Maintenance.

    Beefed up and better protected. Long bolt design, maintenance-free valve train, dual water inlets for consistent cooling and longer life. Power-loaded robustness and superior corrosion protection you only get from a Mercury® engine. Made to handle bigger boats and bigger water.

    Less vibration, more control.

    The Advanced Midsection (AMS). It’s a mid-engine cradle, featuring four progressive rate mounts that isolate the powerhead and tame the Verado six-cylinder’s refined, naturally balanced inline power. Keeps vibration out of the boat. And off the steering wheel.

    Performance. Supercharged.

    Temperature changes, humidity, and elevation aren’t a problem with the Verado®. A supercharged production outboard that turns harsh conditions into pure, all-season power. Superior torque and acceleration across your entire performance range. Hole shots to top end. All with less fuel.

    A supercharged Mercury Verado doesn’t just sound quiet, it also feels quiet. The inline cylinder design is better balanced and runs smoother than traditional v-blocks. Also the Advanced Mid Section used on the 6 cylinder models utilizes an unique mount system, which isolates the powerhead to virtually eliminate vibration.

    Offshore Gear Case.

    The ultra-robust 5.44-inch diameter Offshore gear case is designed and built to handle offshore seas and provide extra lift for longer, heavier centre-consoles and walk-arounds. It features larger, stronger gears, and heavy-duty bearings and components that are five times stronger than those in a standard gear case.



    Some call it a two-stroke. Some call it direct injection. Others simply call it the best-performing outboard on the water. From the rocket hole-shots to the unmatched top end, OptiMax

    sets the tandard for power, acceleration, and fuel economy.

     A direct savings on fuel.

    OptiMax engines are some of the most fuel-efficient engines on the water. Two-stage direct injection turns fuel into propulsion fast and efficiently. More distance per drop. More money for crankbaits. More time fishing instead of gassing up. Direct injection strikes again.

    Clean get aways.

    Precise and consistent fuel charge for perfect combustion. More power. Lower emissions. In fact, low enough to meet the toughest, most demanding international air-quality standards. Nothing gets a boat out of the hole, on plane, and across the lake quicker and more efficiently.

    Leave traditional two-stroke thinking behind. Way behind.

    Two-stroke power and acceleration, for sure. Fewer moving parts, yes. But a few new things you’ll have to get used to. Like less fuel, smoke, and maintenance. More time on the water. We think you’ll adjust.

    There’s fast. Then there’s fast.

    The OptiMax® Pro XS has what serious pros and weekenders want, need, and demand. Incredible response. Breathtaking hole-shots to eye-watering at wide-open throttle. Special carbon fiber reeds and customised piston heads for dialed-up speed and screaming acceleration. Torture-tested systems and components. And in side-by-side tests, up to 15 percent better fuel consumption than other outboards. When your passion is putting fish in the livewell, you put a Pro XS on the transom.


    Mercury® FourStroke Outboards

    Four-stroke technology and Mercury. Always moving forward. With boater-driven innovations and technologies. Like electronic fuel injection. On-board digital monitoring that protects your engine. And a total commitment to corrosion protection utilising hard-coat anodising and a superior multi-step paint process. Mercury FourStroke engines have consistently set the bar for clean, quiet performance and low fuel consumption. Plus, no one has more models to fit your needs.

    Thrustworthy power. Lightest weight.

    The large displacement of our 80-150 hp FourStroke engines gives you a big edge when it comes to power and durability. The extra torque helps you get up on plane quicker, even when pulling skiers and tubers, or maneuvering a pontoon in the wind and current. All in the lightest, most compact designs in the industry.

    Always ready. All season.

    Start it up and go. Anytime. That’s the whole idea with a Mercury® FourStroke. Because it’s as close as you can get to maintenance-free. Tougher components, reliable electronic fuel injection (on select models), available SmartCraft® digital monitoring. More quality time in engineering means more quality time on the water.

    Fuel. Getting more out of every drop.

    Electronic fuel injection in an outboard. Mercury® pioneered it and patented it. It’s what makes Mercury FourStroke engines work harder, longer, and more efficiently. Instant starts. Clean, quiet operation. And cruise speed fuel economy that keeps more cash in your pocket and makes more water available to you than ever before (select models only).

    Making four-strokes. Making history.

    We’ve been developing four-stroke technology for decades. Perfecting it. Taking it to the next level. Making four-strokes lighter, stronger, and more reliable than anyone else in the business while still delivering on Mercury’s heritage of performance. Constant innovation and improvement. If you’re sitting still, you’re falling behind.


    Mercury SeaPro™ FourStroke 75-115 hp

    Mercury SeaPro commercial outboards are designed to work as hard as you do…engineered to be ultra-tough working partners for everyone making their living on the water.  They’ve earned their credentials for reliability by performing under the toughest working conditions possible, to deliver year-after-year of trouble-free operation.

    Every SeaPro outboard features unique components to  cope with the additional demands of professional operation.


    Lightweight, durable materials and fewer moving parts than competitive FourStroke engines have made the SeaPro tough, compact, durable and highly efficient.

    An overall reduction in weight lets you take full advantage of the engine’s torque for acceleration.

    Commercial Calibration

    SeaPro FourStroke engines are specifically calibrated to meet commercial duty cycles, ensuring reliability and performance when you need it most.

    Built Strong.

    Every SeaPro TwoStroke outboard is tailored to feature design modifications to cope with the demands of a range of specific professional operations…like stronger engine ignition components, extra heavy duty swivel brackets, modified carburettors for smoother running at very low revs, and specially toughened gear cases.

    The Reliability You Need.

    SeaPro TwoStroke outboards also feature high-volume, low-pressure water pumps with stainless-steel housings, and super-strong stainless-steel drive-shafts and prop-shafts. SeaPro gearcases are capable of swinging larger diameter props…they really deliver the extra torque required for commercial operators.










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